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Tummy tuck for a firmer, stronger, better you

It is the surgical removal of skin injuries or excess skin in the abdominal area after pregnancy or as a result of weight loss. 


Patients who benefit the most from the operation are those who have returned to their healthy weight with diet, sports or bariatric surgery; Pilates, abdominal tightening exercises have created strong muscle and muscle cover with pilates, abdominal tightening exercises, but have abdominal skin sagging that does not recover.


However, patients with subcutaneous fat in the abdominal waist and back area who cannot lose weight and have sagging skin are also suitable for this procedure. Patients with excess intra-abdominal fat are not suitable for this surgery.

Classic Tummy Tuck

Most of the stretch marks are removed and the stretch marks above the navel are hidden by pulling them downwards. It is performed in patients with severe abdominal sagging. Since it is often accompanied by abdominal muscle separation, plication (the process of creating a kind of internal corset by bringing the muscle cover closer together with sutures) is applied. It is often combined with abdominal liposuction.

Mini Tummy Tuck

It is preferred in cases where skin sagging is limited to a small area below the navel. There is no incision around the navel where plication can be performed, but the navel is displaced slightly downwards due to the effect of the tummy tuck procedure.


Abdominoplasty is a tummy tuck procedure performed after liposuction of the back, waist and abdomen in cases with a body mass index >25 or in cases requiring 360° contouring.

How Can I Make An Appointment?
Are tummy tuck operations very painful? When can I return to work?

Plication of the muscle cover and intensive liposuction are painful procedures. However, to alleviate this pain, nerve blocks are used during surgery and postoperative painkillers are used. In this way, the recovery period for many patients is on the borderline of mild or moderate pain. As long as the healing process is within normal limits, you can start working in office conditions within 10 days to 2 weeks.

Are there side effects of the procedure?

Cerrahi ve anestezi ait yan etkiler görünebilir. Geçici yara izi ve bel ağrısı görülebilir yara iyileşme problemleri özellikle sigara kullanan diyabet (şeker)hastalığının eşlik ettiği veya genetik olarak yara iyileşme problemi olan hastalarda görülür. Kitlesel pıhtılaşma (hematom), doku sıvı birikimi (seroma), enfeksiyon hipertrofik skar yağ embolisi

Can I get pregnant again after a tummy tuck?

There is no harm in getting pregnant after this operation, but I recommend my patients to have this operation if possible if pregnancy is not planned. Otherwise, an abdominoplasty without plication combined with liposuction can be performed.

Can I have this operation in summer?

Hot and humid weather may adversely affect wound healing. The incidence of side effects such as wound healing problems increases, especially in the presence of additional risk factors such as smoking, diabetes and asthma diseases. However, these operations can be planned in the summer by reducing these risks by taking supportive vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin C, D, A, B, selenium, glutathione, and reducing smoking. In addition, the difficulty of using the corset to be worn in hot weather should also be taken into consideration.

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